TRCS Series

  • Model Types
    • TRCS-100
  • Features
    • TRCS Series is a combination of fine filtration and Centrifuge. They allow very high cleaning efficiency of heavily contaminated fluids to NAS 6 cleanliness or better.
    • Delivering excellent 2-stage purifying performance- a centrifuge removes the large sludge contamination and the micro filter elements remove the microscopic particles. As a result, it is possible to considerably purify oil as well as prolong the intervals between micro filter replacements.
    • TRCS Series performs full automatic and high capacity solid particle removal.
    • Ideal system for lubrication systems, large diesel engines and offline scrubbing of bulk storage vessels.
  • Benefits
    • Reduced oil consumption and waste oil.
    • Prevents deterioration of the fluid.
    • Significantly increases oil life.
    • Greatly reduces oil degradation by removing everything from solid particles, water down to 100ppm, sludge and varnish.
    • Low operational cost.
    • Improves machine reliability and productivity.
    • Extends life of all system and lubricated components.
    • Discharges expensive system full flow filters, extending their life.

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