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Triple R absolute filters and cleaners for oil and working fluids bring high benefit to todays highly technical and complex operational equipment. Originally developed by Ford engineers for the American Military. This is central to what is now termed “Maintenance Free Fluid Equipment Strategy”

Triple R proven solutions deliver the extended component life and operational certainty demanded for hydraulic, engine and lubrication systems. Greatly improving reliability, fluid life and reducing maintenance time and costs in the harshest and most demanding of operating conditions.

Triple R has in utilising its unique 3 in 1 bypass fluid cleaning system applied the following theoretical principals and mechanisms into practice:

Low flow, low pressure and axial flow filtration. Combined with special cellulose filtration media that removes 99% of all solid contaminants, reduces free water, eliminates resins, sludge and oxidisation products. Delivering cleanliness levels to NAS4 ISO 15/12/10 and better.

Triple R work closely with our customers to bring high benefit with our result driven fluid purification solutions.


  • Flight simulators
  • Test benches
  • Ground support equipment
  • Special purpose equipment
  • Generators
  • Heavy transport
  • Diesel fuel scrubbing systems
  • Diesel engines
  • Airport equipment Loaders
  • Towing tractors
  • Passenger and catering vehicles
  • Catering supply
  • Luggage handling for passenger flights
  • Cargo handling for commercial flights
  • Critical component manufacture
  • Marine thruster gear boxes
  • Steering systems
  • Military vehicles
  • Fluid pre-treatment, transfer, storage and recycle

Let Triple R Help you Maximise your Return on Investment

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