Benefits of Triple R Filters


Increased Production Output!


Extended Component Life and Machine Reliability!


Extended Full-flow Filter Life!


Less Oil Changes!


Cost Savings!


Less Breakdowns!


Triple R Bypass Filters are based on the AXIAL flow principle whereby the oil has to pass a filter mass of 114 mm. This is very different from the 1-2 mm thickness of conventional inline filters.

In addition Triple R Bypass Filters use a specially designed cellulose medium that allows absorption of water and oxidation residues. That makes Triple R Bypass Filters all-in-one OIL CLEANING devices, and not just Oil Filters.


One of the reasons for Triple R’s efficiency and high level of performance is because it executes optimum filtration principles and mechanisms into practice: low flow, low pressure, no flow and pressure pulses & axial filtration combined with patented cellulose filter material that forces the oil to pass through 114 mm of oil filter material.

The result is a filtration system that, with ONE FILTER ELEMENT enables efficient REMOVAL of SOLID PARTICLES, WATER, SLUDGE, RESINS and OXIDATION PRODUCTS.


Unique Filter Element Design

Made from a special cellulose material 1 wound onto central core 2 it combines micro and depth filtration by using the axial filtration principle (flow direction from the top 3 to the bottom 4).
A card sleeve 5 compresses the lower part to increase the density. A non-woven cloth 6 protects the base and stops particle and media migration. All elements are fitted with 2 lifting strips 7 for easy removal.

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