Agricultural Machinery & Road Transportation

Triple R offline absolute filtration solutions are unique oil and working fluid products.

Triple R applies the filtration principles and mechanisms of low flow, low pressure and axial flow filtration.

This combined with Triple R patented special cellulose media enables the achievement of ultimate filtration.

Triple R products deliver proven solutions and high cost out benefit, when applied to hydraulic, engine, lubrication and diesel fuel systems.

Removes up to 99% of all solid contaminants.
Greatly reduces water content.
Eliminates resins, sludge, varnish and other oxidisation products.
Longer life of all hydraulic, engine and lubricated working components.
Extends oil change intervals up to four times. Greatly reduces oil consumption along with associated labour and disposal cost.
2 > 5 times less expensive full flow filter element changes required.
Very important increase in machine reliability and productive up time.
Higher productivity with reduced operating cost = Increased Profit.


  • Harvesting Machinery
  • Tractors and Field Equipment
  • Transport and Special Haulage Equipment
  • Product Handling and Processing Equipment
  • Power Generation
  • Diesel Fuel Storage and Transfer
  • Bulk Oil and Workshop Service


Let Triple R Help you Maximise your Return on Investment

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