Plastics, Presses & Extrusion Machinery

The biggest market for our unique TRIPLE R products is, without a doubt, the worldwide plastic injection moulding industry. TRIPLE R has fitted several hundred thousand of IM all over the globe!

Years ago our customers discovered that what they used to consider ‘adequate filtration’ by their proportional and servo-valves was no longer good enough.

They tested our unique triple R products by adding them to their existing hydraulic system, bleeding 2 – 5lpm through micro-depth filter media.

The oil became 5 grades cleaner than new oil and remained cleaner than servo-valve spec. Becoming industry standard with more than 200,000 Triple R units having now been applied worldwide to this industry alone.

  • Injection and blow molding plastic machines
  • Stamping press
  • Bending, cutting, punching press
  • Rubber press
  • Hydraulic robots
  • Test benches
  • All types and models of hydraulic power packs in paper, printing, steel & iron, car manufacturing and assembling, and petro-chemical industry
  • Hydraulic systems of harbor, mobile and construction machinery

Let Triple R Help you Maximise your Return on Investment

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