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To increase power plant efficiency, Triple R products are used in plants that generate their power from fossil and renewable sources. Power customers around the world rely on Triple R to provide products that will maintain clean oil and fluids consistently, reliably, and economically.

What this means to you is simple; power plant efficiency.

To help insure power plant efficiency, Triple R provides depth filters, vacuum filters, and centrifuges to maintain oil in hydraulic systems, pulverizes, steam turbines, power transformers and other power generation equipment.

Maintaining power plant efficiency can be difficult; operating conditions for hydraulics and other fluid systems in power stations are harsh. Contamination, dust and moisture in pulverizes have a serious negative impact on gear oil.

Oil undergoes rapid oxidation and induces corrosion of bearings as a result of steam/water and contamination. The insulation efficiency of transformer oil is reduced due to water and gases.

Triple R has the knowledge and experience to prevent equipment failures due to water and contamination effects, helping maintain power plant efficiency.

For companies renting power generator sets all over industry, efficient and cost-effective maintenance isn’t easy to achieve. Equipment failures due to water and excessive contamination are common.

But Triple R offers a series of filtration systems that assure perfectly clean oil and fuel cleanliness. Thanks to Triple R, oil changes can be extended from 400-500 hrs. up to 2.000 hrs. Ask your Triple R representative for further details.

The wind power generation industry is growing phenomenal rates all over the world.

A common challenge is how to minimise maintenance costs, maximise performance while improving the longevity of components.
Turbine manufacturers and wind farm operators in Europe, Asia and America have adopted Triple R as a standard to eliminate the problems of solids and moisture contamination that effects wind turbine gearbox oil life and performance.

The AGMA/AWEA 6006-AXX standard, written by the American Gear Manufacturers Association, provides guidelines for operating and maintaining gearboxes for use in wind turbines, and a very important part of the standard is the cleanliness of the oil employed in the gearbox.

During and after assembly it is suggested that all components be free of any contaminant and that during operation the gearbox oil be maintained with filtration to remove solids, water and sludge.

The Triple R wind power series continuous oil purification by-pass oil cleaner will maintain oil at better than new oil cleanliness levels; Triple R guarantees it.


• Turbine oils
• Gear boxes
• Hydraulic control systems
• Engine oil
• Diesel fuel systems
• Bearing lubrication

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