SE Series

  • Model Types
    • SE100N-YT
    • SE100NW-YT
    • SS100N-YT
    • SU102N-YT
    • SS100NW-YT
    • SS100N-2R-YT
    • SU102NW-YT
  • Features
    • SE Series are compact and light off-line oil cleaners that utilise the unmatched RRR 3-stage depth filtration concept.
    • They are designed for hydraulic oils, lubrication oils and water glycol fluids for cleaning down to NAS 5 (ß2>400) levels.
    • SE Series perform a total cleaning of the oil by removing solid particles, absorbing water and eliminating sludge, varnish and other oil oxidation residues that regular filters cannot.
    • Built around a very compact power pack- they are available with a broad range of features.
    • Standard units are supplied with switch box, thermo protection, pressure gauge, flow control and sampling point.
    • Suitable for systems to 6000 litre capacity.
    • Can be easily connected to the oil reservoir.
  • Benefits
    • Reduced oil consumption and waste oil.
    • Can effectively extend oil life up to 40,000 hours-delivering very significant reduction of oil consumption, waste and disposal cost.
    • Easy to install and service.
    • Greatly improves machine reliability and productivity by longer life of all bearings, hydraulic actuators, pumps, valves and all lubricated working components.
    • Important reduction of maintenance cost.
    • Discharges expensive system full flow filters, extending their life.
    • Guarantees oil cleanliness to NAS 5 or better.
  • Typical Applications
    • Injection moulding machines.
    • Die-casting machines, metal working machines, like bending-, cutting-, punching machines.
    • All hydraulic systems with continuous pressure and fitted with proportional or servo-valves, and other high-tech hydraulic equipment.

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