WS Series

  • Model Types
    • WS-WD
    • WS-WD-1PF
    • WS-SU103-1R-WS20
  • Features
    • Very compact water separator.
    • Separates the water from oil based fluids and allows draining of water easily and quickly.
    • 2 in 1 water separation and oil filtration.
    • Based on coalescent technology, agglomerates water molecules into droplets, which then drop to the bottom of the fluid.
    • Built around a very compact power pack, the WSWD-filter connects to the oil reservoir.
    • Low running cost, easy installation & maintenance.
    • Available in various setups, with optional pre-heater and various motor versions.
  • Benefits
    • Avoids imminent oil changes, allows immediate extension of the oil usage and oil life.
    • Avoids creation of Rust.
    • Improves productivity and machine reliability.
    • Assures longer life of all hydraulic components and prevents breakdowns to the hydraulic equipment.
    • Saves significantly on maintenance and oil change related labour cost, and production loss.
    • Extends oil life up to 50.000hrs.
    • Very important reduction of waste oil and oil disposal expenses.

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