Vacuum Water Separator Series

  • Model Types
    • TRVS-10E
    • TRVS-30E
    • TRVS-70E
  • Features
    • Vacuum Water Separator Series is a very fast and highly effective water removing device for high duty applications.
    • Vacuum Water Separator Series removes water, moisture and air bubbles: Dissolved Water 80%, Free Water 100% and Air/Gas Bubbles 100%.
    • Easy full automatic operation.
    • Viscosity range from 10-680 cSt.
    • Oil temperature from 40°C-70°C.
    • Can be supplied with ATEX/EX certification.
  • Benefits
    • Greatly extends oil life- delivering significant reduction of oil consumption, waste and disposal cost.
    • Prevents machine failure and extends machine life-delivering improved productivity and reduced maintenance cost.
    • Reduces oxidation manifestation and corrosion acceleration.
    • Low operational cost.
    • No consumables- one time investment.

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