SU Housing Series

  • Model Types
    • SU-305
    • SU-306
    • SU-102
    • SU-103
    • 3PF-10
    • 3PF-20
    • 6PF-10
    • 6PF-20
    • 3WS-20
    • 6WS-20
    • 3OS-10
    • 6OS-10
    • WD-10
    • SU-Suction-LL
  • Features
    • SU Housing Series are compact built stainless steel housings for large volume systems and high flow requirements. Effectively removing all the particles that are usually very difficult to remove with conventional filters, performing a total cleaning of the oil by removing solid particles, absorbing water and eliminating sludge and other oil oxidation residues.
    • Ideal for high flow filter rigs. Flow rates up to 60 l/m (3.600 l/hour). Can be combined with suction filters, 1st stage pre-filters and centrifuges to build custom made solutions.
    • They come in a range of sizes and accept a large range of Triple R element options, making them suitable for many purposes.
    • In combination with the X-series elements suitable for high viscosity oil up to 600 cSt.
    • The housings have a strong lid and can handle pressure up to 15 bar system pressure.
  • Benefits
    • Reduced oil consumption and waste oil.
    • Can effectively extend oil life up to 40,000 hours-delivering very significant reduction of oil consumption, waste and disposal cost.
    • Low operational cost- increases life of full flow filters.
    • Greatly improves machine reliability and productivity by longer life of all bearings, hydraulic actuators, pumps, valves and all lubricated working components.
    • Important reduction of maintenance cost.

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