Quicktoron Series

  • Model Types
    • TRQT- 50
    • TRQT-100
    • TRQT Custom High Flow Manifold.
  • Features
    • Quicktoron Series (Air Bubble Remover) are patented worldwide. It removes air bubbles instantly utilising RRR unique cyclone design.
    • Quicktoron high performance is suitable for application in many industrial and mobile machinery applications.
    • It can be used with a wide range of oil, fuel and other working fluids. Quicktoron efficiently separates fine air bubbles trapped inside fluids, maintaining its lubricity and viscosity.
    • Quicktoron eliminates air channels which may carry contaminants around machine internal pockets and components, undetected by filtration systems.
    • Typically Quicktoron is used in combination with our OSCA-series.
  • Benefits
    • High performance, compact, easy to install and offers an economical solution to maintain clean oil.
    • Reduces wear and tear on all moving parts in the system, especially pumps.
    • Prevents reading errors on instrumentation components such as gauges and meters.
    • Improves coolers efficiency.
    • Reduces excessive noise and vibration.
    • Upholds filter performance for better cleaning capability.
    • Extended oil life.
    • Improves machine reliability and productivity.
    • No consumables- one time investment.

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