OSCA Series

  • Model Types
    • Models available from small to very large capacity
    • OSCA Series CS-SS Type/ SS-PF Type Medium Capacity
    • OSCA Series CS-SS Type/ SS-PF Type Large Capacity
    • OSCA Series CS-AL Type/ AL-PF Type
    • OSCA Series CS-SU Type/ SU-PF Type
    • OSCA Series OS Type (for washing fluid and oil separation)
    • OSCA Customised Type.
  • Features
    • OSCA Series are off-line cleaners for high flow rates and large tank volumes 200-100,000 litres>.
    • OSCA Series are able to clean a broad range of hydraulic and lubrication oils, working fluids, diesel and fuel oils, water glycols and synthetic esters over a viscosity range from 1-600 cSt. down to NAS 5 (ß2>400) cleanliness level or better.
    • The unique Triple R 3-stage filter concept is unmatched by any other filter manufacturer worldwide, removing everything from micron sized solid particles, water, sludge, varnish and oxidation residues.
    • The Triple R OSCA solution is available in a range of standard units or can be purpose built, engineered to meet specific operational requirements.
    • OSCA Series can include Quicktron Air Bubble Eliminator. Very space efficient (down to 1/3 size of traditional solutions). Can be configured to suit available footprint.
    • All OSCA models are available with many options, such as pre-heaters, condition monitoring for display of contamination levels, moisture, temperature, filter condition, pressure and flow.
    • Remote diagnostic monitoring options available.
  • Benefits
    • Reduced oil consumption and waste oil.
    • Can effectively extend oil life up to 40,000 hours-delivering very significant reduction of oil consumption, waste and disposal cost.
    • Low operational cost- increases life of full flow filters.
    • Greatly improves machine reliability and productivity by longer life of all bearings, hydraulic actuators, pumps, valves and all lubricated working components.
    • Important reduction of maintenance cost.
    • Guarantees oil cleanliness down to NAS 5 or better.
    • Easy to install and service.

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