Magnetic Separator Series – Magnetic Barrier System

  • Model Types
    • MGR-200
    • MGD-100
    • MGB-110
    • MGB-160
    • MGB-210
    • MGB-260
    • MGA
    • Customised Barrier System
  • Features
    • Magnetic Separator Series and Magnetic Barrier Systems are permanent magnets with unique structures that create powerful high and wide magnetic fields, coagulating, separating and settling very fine contaminants with magnetic energy.
    • Suitable for both oil based and water based fluids.
    • Suitable for either single machine or central filtration system for multiple machines.
  • Benefits
    • Significant reduction in operational and maintenance cost by reuse of fluid.
    • Eliminates major cost factors, reduces oil leakages, eliminates industrial waste and reduces environmental overload.
    • No consumable cost because permanent magnets are used.

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