Backwashing Filter Series

  • Model Types
    • TRBS-100A
    • TRBS-200A
  • Features
    • Backwashing Filter Series are self-cleaning filter systems for heavily contaminated oil and water based fluids. Easily separating fine particles such as carbon, aluminium dust, steel dust, glass dust, stone dust, mud and much more.
    • Perfect for pre-filtration when cleaning heavily contaminated fluid.
    • Suitable for flows to 200lpm.
    • Perfect to apply on high viscosity oil.
    • Filter cartridge available from 10 to 100 micron.
    • Suitable for both oil and water based fluids.
  • Benefits
    • No consumables- one time investment.
    • Reduced fluid consumption.
    • Prevents deterioration of fluid.
    • Low operational cost, maintenance free for long periods.

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