AL Series

  • Model Types
    • AL-100
  • Features
    • Very compact and light bypass oil cleaners, specially designed to clean engine oil in a bypass loop, but also a perfect solution to clean diesel fuels.
    • Effectively removes all the particles that are not removed by the conventional filters and performs a total cleaning of the oil by removing solid particles, absorbing water and eliminating sludge and other oil oxidation residues.
    • Also applicable for lube systems, gearboxes and machinery with a system pressure below 6 bar. For example: wind mills, transmissions, etc.
    • An absolute necessity when running on biofuel.
  • Benefits
    • Reduced oil consumption and waste oil.
    • Last chance filtration for high performance diesel engines.
    • Significantly increases oil life.
    • Low operational maintenance and cost.
    • Improves machine reliability and productivity.
    • Extends life of all system and lubricated components.

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