Company Promise

RRR Oil Cleaners and Filtration Products- Efficient and economical solutions with GUARANTEED results, driving RELIABILITY UP and COSTS OUT. Socially responsible solutions with high environmental and operational benefit, REDUCE-REUSE-RECYCLE.

About Triple R

TRIPLE R Worldwide hold the original patent for BYPASS OIL CLEANING Depth (Axial Flow) Filters. For over 40 years, TRIPLE R, through continuous research and application have developed a wide range of products based on this original concept.

Today TRIPLE R products have a solution for almost every oil related application and are respected leading worldwide manufacturers of BYPASS and OFFLINE OIL CLEANING products. TRIPLE R are dedicated to bringing the best services and cost effective outcomes for clean production and sustainable oil management systems.

TRIPLE R’s unmatched concept of 3- Stage Depth Filtration for BYPASS and OFFLINE OIL CLEANING are at the forefront in saving industries considerable costs, while delivering higher reliability, along with the environmental resources conservation principle: REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE. 


Triple R believes that it is a vital duty for everyone in the world to protect our beautiful environment for present & future generations. We operate our business responsibly as a filtration & separation system manufacturer in respect to resource conservation.

6 Mistakes about oil

These are the 6 mistakes most owners of hydraulic machinery make, and how you can avoid them.


Changing the oil on hours!

Keep it clean and have it analysed first!


Changing the filters on hours!

Only change when 80% of the dirt holding capacity has been reached.


Running too hot!

Keep it cool! Stay below 60˚C for hydraulic oil!


Using the wrong oil!

Check what viscosity grade fits your machine requirements the best!


Wrong filter locations!

Avoid a suction strainer at the pump inlet!


Disregard the start-up check list!

Always act according to your machines’s start-up check-list!

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