The mining company was experiencing high contamination levels in the gearboxes in their Komatsu 830E and Caterpillar 930 haulers.

Examination by Triple R indicated the contamination was coming from two specific areas:

  • The external environment
  • The wear and tear from normal operation

Analysis of the gearboxes showed all wear metal levels were above manufacturer’s specified levels

Backed by over 50 years of expertise, Triple R set out to provide a solution for the mining company’s gearbox contamination issues.


As the industry leader in oil cleaning solutions, Triple R had previously tackled contamination of the gearboxes and knew of the issues with trying to clean heavier/thicker oil. In this case it was SHC 680 weight oil. As the hauler was brought in for routine maintenance, the oil cleaner was hooked up and left to clean the oil while other maintenance was completed.


  • CS-SS305 Oil Cleaner
  • D-Series Elements

Achieved an 8 fold improvement and doubled the expected life of the gearbox components.


After only 3 passes the results were substantial:

  • ISO Before: 20/19/16
  • ISO After: 17/16/14
  • Colour change from black to golden amber
  • Oil life extended more than 3 times


Triple R is a total oil cleaning solution that has been delivering innovative oil cleaning technology for over 50 years. We pioneered ‘total cleaning’ of industrial hydraulic and lube oil, guaranteeing oil purity and reducing environmental impact. Our scalable filtration systems can be customised to fit specific requirements worldwide, backed by 24/7 customer and distributor support

Contact the Team at Triple R to assess your system requirements and solve unnecessary maintenance cost issues. Call our Keysborough Sales & Engineering Centre on (03) 7019 9351

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