At Triple R Australia – we know that effective oil filtration is essential for all our clients. Our economy and daily life is driven by technologies requiring oil. Every piece of machinery or process from the smallest hydraulic power pack to the largest space craft requires oil. However, oil gets dirty and contaminated and eventually needs to be drained and replaced.

What if there was a way to continue using the same oil for the lifetime of the machine?

What if there was a way for oil to become cleaner than when you initially put it in?

The answer is…

Triple R Oil Cleaners

Triple R Oil Cleaners are the Next Generation of Oil Filtration. Triple R Oil Cleaners apply a unique and proven technology that is designed to work with hydraulic machinery and gear boxes to achieve the highest efficiency in removing contaminants that make oil unusable.

Traditional oil filters have to deal with fast flow and high pressure forcing the oil through a thin filter medium. But this method will inevitably lead to using oil that is too dirty for reliable operations. Triple R takes oil filtration to a whole new level by extending the lifetime of the oil and the lifetime of machinery.

It begins by removing solid particles which can cause damage long term. Additionally, Triple R Filters remove varnish and sludge, which leads to ineffective machine conditions. Finally, Triple R Filters also remove water which is one of the main causes of degradation. The outcome is an oil that is cleaner than even new oil, an effective solution for sustainable oil management.

So what does that mean?

  • Significant reduction of oil changes
  • Reduced risk of machinery wear and damage
  • No breakdowns and less maintenance cost
  • Sustainable oil management

With Triple R Oil Filtration products, businesses can rest assured that their machinery is operating to the highest efficiency and results are guaranteed. Triple R Oil Cleaners ensure improved machine reliability, production capacity and ultimately savings, while reducing businesses impact on the environment.

Triple R Filtration Australia, has a wide variety of oil filtration products available to suit individual needs and varied industrial hydraulic and lubricating system applications. For us, only the best result counts. Contact our Victorian Triple R Filtration team today on (03) 7019 9351 or send us an online enquiry and discover the next generation of oil filtration.

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