GE Energy’s Wind Turbines were experiencing premature gearbox and bearing wear resulting in extensive repairs, rebuilds, and shortened oil and machine life. Triple R’s solution to frequent oil changes and expensive repairs is perfectly clean oil.

The wind turbine’s contamination oil caused:

  • Pitting of the gears
  • Water creating acidity in the oil
  • Full flow filter being changed too frequently
  • Wear on the bearings
  • Reduced efficiency from the oil cooler

GE oil analysis 21/19/12 or NAS 11 before Triple R.

The gearbox in GE wind turbines is in the top of the tower; servicing the machines and replacing parts was extremely challenging, time consuming, and costly.


To confirm that the Triple R solution would provide the results GE needed, extensive field testing was conducted. The solution tested was a BU unit with its simple design that has no moving parts and utilises the excess flow of oil. Thus no additional pumps, motors or electrical circuits are needed. During testing the oil condition was carefully monitored and analysed by Castrol’s Industrial Fluid Testing.


  • BU Housing unit
  • X-series elements

BU Housing

The oil used in testing was already 2 years old.


The final result of this 5 month study showed that the Triple R system:

  • Continuously removed additional particles, water, and oxidation not captured by the wind turbine’s primary Hydac filter.
  • Extended oil life past 17,000 hours
  • Restored the 2 year old oil to cleaner than new.
  • ISO BEFORE: 21/19/12 ISO AFTER: 15/12/9

oil filtration

GE was so impressed with the results they issued Triple R a part number and now specify Triple R as a national partner.

Triple R is a total oil cleaning solution that has been delivering innovative oil cleaning technology for over 50 years. We pioneered ‘total cleaning’ of industrial hydraulic and lube oil, guaranteeing oil purity and reducing environmental impact. Our scalable filtration systems can be customised to fit specific requirements worldwide, backed by 24/7 customer and distributor support.

Contact the Team at Triple R to assess your system requirements and solve unnecessary maintenance cost issues. Call our Keysborough Sales & Engineering Centre on (03) 7019 9351

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