This bus company was looking for ways to lower their engine oil operational costs as well as reduce their buses’ environmental impact. As Triple R previously used their expertise to help the company resolve contamination issues with their injection pumps and nozzles at their diesel fuel station they turned to us again.

Dirty engine oil can cause a multitude of problems;

  • Wear and tear
  • Loss of power and efficiency
  • Increased emissions
  • Higher operating costs

The company was spending $106,920.00 per year just in oil changes for their fleet

They had seen the results of Triple R’s oil cleaning solutions, they trusted our expertise to lower their operating costs.


The bus company was changing their oil at 9320 mile intervals approximately 6 times per year (55,923 miles) costing them $1,620.00 per year. This was being done across 66 buses. Triple R’s goal was to significantly reduce the frequency of the oil changes by using our innovative AL-100 housing outfitted on the engine, combined with D-series elements.

The oil cleaning system allows for ease of install and element changes. The inlet was teed into the pressure line of the engine and the return was gravity fed back to the oil pan.


  • AL-100 housing
  • D-Series elements

bus oil cleaning

The engine’s condition improved and the lifetime of the engine was also extended. 


By implementing Triple R’s innovative approach and trusting our expertise as an industry leader the bus company was able to achieve substantial cost savings. The results of a four year study showed that installing Triple R bypass oil cleaning technology delivered;

  • Extended oil life by 500% (55923 mi)
  • Reduced oil consumption by 500% (40 gal)
  • Lowered the cost of maintenance & increased uptime


Triple R is a total oil cleaning solution that has been delivering innovative oil cleaning technology for over 50 years. We pioneered ‘total cleaning’ of industrial hydraulic and lube oil, guaranteeing oil purity and reducing environmental impact. Our scalable filtration systems can be customised to fit specific requirements worldwide, backed by 24/7 customer and distributor support.

Contact the Team at Triple R to assess your system requirements and solve unnecessary maintenance cost issues. Call our Keysborough Sales & Engineering Centre on (03) 7019 9351

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