Because this crusher did not have a system of blowers and an air seal, the customer was plagued with a constant ingression of solid contaminant in their lubricating oil. This was causing unnecessary wear and tear on their equipment and increasing maintenance costs.

Their maintenance team tried using a centrifuge and discovered that:

  • It was very expensive
  • Performance was unreliable
  • Did not provide any improvements

Analysis showed high levels of contamination and wear metals in the oil.

Backed by over 50 years of expertise, Triple R took on the task of providing a solution for the crusher.


As the industry leader in oil cleaning solutions, Triple R installed a CS-SS305 self-equipped oil cleaning unit on a fleet of 50 crushers. Oil is drawn out from the tank into a kidney loop, passes through the oil cleaner, then returned back to tank cleaner than new. Due to the extreme ingression of contamination the X-Series element was chosen for its high dirt load capacity, meaning it will therefore last longer than other elements.

CS-SS305 Oil cleaning unit


  • CS-SS103-1R Oil Cleaner
  • X-Series elements

94.5% Reduction in wear and tear on the components!


Triple R was able to deliver exceptionally better results at a much lower capital cost than previous systems. Since the contamination had been reduced there was less wear and tear on the machine components; wear metals were reduced, thus indicating Triple R oil cleaners would extend the life of their equipment.

  • Significantly reduced wear metals and contamination levels
  • Cost savings of $102,000 USD per year in oil
  • Saved 1600 man-hours of labour in maintenance


Triple R Savings Graph

Triple R is a total oil cleaning solution that has been delivering innovative oil cleaning technology for over 50 years. We pioneered ‘total cleaning’ of industrial hydraulic and lube oil, guaranteeing oil purity and reducing environmental impact. Our scalable filtration systems can be customised to fit specific requirements worldwide, backed by 24/7 customer and distributor support.

Contact the Team at Triple R to assess your system requirements and solve unnecessary maintenance cost issues. Call our Keysborough Sales & Engineering Centre on (03) 7019 9351

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