Revolutionary media and element design are at the heart of every Triple R Oil Cleaner System, and the only way to guarantee absolute filtration effectiveness. Triple R Bypass Filters use a specially engineered cellulose medium that remove solids, absorb water and completely remove resins and oxidation products. This makes Triple R Bypass Filters all-in-one OIL CLEANING devices, and not just oil filters.

Triple R Oil Cleaners protect every engine- gas or diesel, transmission and hydraulic systems, and come in a range of capacities for every application. Filter elements can be specified in 3, 5 and 10-micron for specific operations.

The Triple R element combines theoretical filtration principals to achieve absolute filtration –low flow, low pressure and depth loading axial filtration– flow direction from the top to the bottom.

A common misconception is that regular oil filter replacement is sufficient to keep oil clean – and equipment well protected. But standard spin on oil filters remove only the largest particles of contamination. In other words, oil is almost never as clean it should be – or can be. It’s not absolutely clean.

When the oil is passed through a new spin on oil filter, only solid contamination in the 20-40-micron range is removed. In most applications, this is standard operating procedure. However, the vast majority of damaging solid and liquid contamination is much smaller, 4-7 micron. Real world testing proves the clear superiority of oil filtered by Triple R Oil Cleaners.

Triple R Oil Cleaners introduce a new standard for system performance and reliability by purifying oils in engine, transmission and hydraulic systems. Triple R Oil Cleaners can be specified for any sump capacity and are easily connected to the corresponding lubricating oil system.

Beyond the filtration of solid particles, Triple R Oil Cleaners provide important benefits that extend full flow filter life as well as reducing maintenance cost by maximising water absorption, removal of sludge, resins and soot.

Benefits of using Triple R Oil Cleaners include: Extended Oil Life up to 40,000 Hours; Reduced Oil Consumption; Reduced Waste Oil; Reduced Disposal Cost; Extended Full Flow Filter Life; Increased Productivity; High Operational Certainty; Extended Component Life Machine Reliability; Easy to Install and Service.

All TRIPLE R filters have been tested according to the official Multipass Test (ISO 4572 and ISO 16889) and have an absolute µ-value in compliance with the international filter standards. Studies made by independent oil laboratories prove that TRIPLE R fine filter elements ensure the best possible oil cleanliness according to lSO 4406:2017 (down to code 11/9/7).

The benefits of absolute filtration are multiplied as sump or tank volume is increased. Three series

of high capacity housings are offered, aluminium, stainless steel and carbon steel. Capacities range from 100 to 250 litres, utilising from two to five filter elements. Filter media can be specified in 3, 5 and 10-micron ratings. These high capacity filtration units are designed to efficiently and cost effectively clean large volumes of lubricating fluids. It combines Triple R’s unique depth loading filter elements for removal of wear particles, moisture, and sludge in large engine applications. Of note here is the efficiency of Triple R Oil Cleaners in removing free and emulsified water, a particular problem wherever oils are stored.

To find out more, contact our Triple R team on (03) 7019 9351 or send us an online enquiry.

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