A large European Construction Machinery Hire Company, founded in 1945, focuses on renting equipment, driver included. Initially the company focused on agricultural equipment, overtime acquiring more construction equipment and machinery. The company now own hundreds of construction machines including cranes, bulldozers and other equipment.

The manager of the company’s technical department was very well aware of the sensitivity of hydraulic and lube systems and therefore, contamination control on the construction equipment and machinery was always one of his top priorities.

In the past the company had to have many service vans available to perform regular oil and filter changes and to fix hydraulic failures on the construction equipment and machinery. Oil changes proved to be very time consuming and managing the process with machines spread all over the country was a very challenging task.

The company were always looking for ways to improve machine reliability and reduce costs, so that is why they contacted Triple R.

The company were immediately convinced of Triple R’s exceptional performance and therefore decided to install Triple R on all construction equipment and machinery, not only for the engine lube oil but also for the hydraulic systems. Since that time all new machines come standard with Triple R.

“The benefits and savings we realised were enormous”.

The company’s construction machines are operated under very severe conditions, always in open air, facing dramatic temperature fluctuations and moisture build up. But thanks to Triple R, contamination and moisture build up is perfectly controlled.

The full flow filters last 5X longer, all machines run trouble free and machine failures are a real exception. The number of service vans were reduced to just 1.

Since installing Triple R, every machine is brought to the workshop once per year to change the Triple R filter element and perform other preventative maintenance operations.

Practise has proven that installing Triple R products on all construction equipment and machinery has given the company excellent results.

For more information on Triple R’s range of products and services, or to discuss custom filtration solutions please contact our team on (03) 7019 9351 or send us an online enquiry. 

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