Depth filtration utilises the thickness (depth) of a cellulose based filter media. This is used to trap suspended particles, separating them from their carrying fluid.

Depth filters are typically used in instances when the carrying fluid has a heavy degree of particles. Unlike some other filtration technologies, depth filters can catch and hold a large volume of particles before they become clogged.

Triple R Filtration filters are undoubtedly the best depth filters on the market.

So what makes these filters so good?

Triple R depth filters use a specially designed patented cellulose filter medium that allows the fluid to flow under pressure through 114mm of engineered media with three distinct stages of filtration and water absorption:

Triple R Filteration Process1st Stage
Large particles are retained on the top of the filter element.
2nd Stage
Smaller particles are trapped in the mid stage of the filter element.
3rd Stage
The smallest particles are trapped in the lower and compressed part of the filter.


A common misconception is that inline oil filters, with regular element changes is sufficient enough to achieve and maintain oil cleanliness levels, but this is not the case. In many instances, standard filtration will not get oil clean enough to reach target cleanliness levels, pointing out the need to have a secondary bypass oil filter to achieve the proper cleanliness spec.

Triple R’s special filter design has several advantages over other filtration mediums enabling efficient removal of: solid particles, water, sludge, resins and oxidation products, ALL WITHIN ONE FILTER ELEMENT!

Triple R depth filters provide important benefits including: extended oil life up to 40,000 hours, reduced water concentration, reduced oil consumption, reduced waste oil, reduced disposal cost, extended filter life, increased productivity, high operational certainty, extended component life, increased machine reliability, easy to install and service products, reduced maintenance cost.

Triple R has a wide variety of depth filtration products available to suit individual needs and varied industrial applications. For us, only the best result counts. Contact our Victorian Triple R Filtration team today on (03) 7019 9351 or send us an online enquiry. 

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