Oil Cleaning

Revolutionary Media and Element Design are at the heart of every Triple R Bypass Oil Cleaner, enabling us to guarantee up to 99% filtration effectiveness. We call it ‘Oil Cleaning’ instead of oil filtration.

Triple R’s unique filter design forces the oil to flow through 114 mm of engineered filter media and creates 3 distinct stages of filtration.
The cellulose filter media absorbs water drops and consequently dries the oil to less than 100 ppm.

The thickest filter in industry, 114mm to flow through, combined with Triple R’s filter media engineering, results in the unique ability to absorb and remove oil oxidation residues, well known as sludge, varnish and tars.

3-in-1 oil cleaning

1. Removing solid contaminants
2. Absorbing water
3. Eliminating oxidation residues

All within one filter element, that differentiates Triple R from every other filter in industry.

Triple R Filteration Process1st Stage
Large particles are retained on the top of the filter element.
2nd Stage
Smaller particles are trapped in the mid stage of the filter element.
3rd Stage
The smallest particles are trapped in the lower and compressed part of the filter.

Depth Fine Filter Elements Allow High Micron Ratings

Triple R filter elements are all depth filters with a filtration degree as fine as up to < 2µm absolute. As various types of oil require various micron ratings, Triple R filters come in 4 different micron ratings:

  • M-series : 2µm absolute to guarantee the highest particle removal efficiency, and the cleanest oil.
  • E-series : 3µm absolute for cleaning lube oil.
  • X-series : 5µm absolute for cleaning lube oil, increasing dirt absorption and handling high viscosity oil.
  • D-series : 2µm absolute but with a 80% dirt holding capacity.

Ideal Conditions for Effective Oil Filtration

Triple R filtration systems always operate in a separate circuit, off-line or in bypass.

Due to the bypass setup, Triple R filtration systems can always filter the oil under the best conditions possible: At constant and reduced flow, without pressure or flow pulsations.

These ideal working conditions combined with our unique depth filter elements, allow for the highest oil filtration efficiency in the industry.
Depending on the type of application, the Triple R filters can be fitted in a bypass loop, or totally independent as an off-line filtration system.

Due to our own in-house engineering we apply the right system for the job, custom engineered together with our customers. For us, only the best result counts.

For more information or to discuss your options, please contact our teams at Triple R Keysborough on (03) 7019 9351 or Morwell on (03) 5134 5345 or send us an online enquiry.

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