Reliability of the equipment is of the upmost importance

Improving machine reliability is the key to ensuring uninterrupted production and lowering operational costs. Breakdowns can be caused by a number of factors and in critical operations, the downtime associated with equipment failures can have a major impact on production. Reducing equipment downtime is essential to improving productivity.

Equipment maintenance and prevention are usually less expensive than repair or replacement

Triple R, is renowned worldwide for its unequalled performance in extending oil life and delivering solutions for oil-related problems on machinery. Triple R, help industries to significantly save money by increasing production output, avoiding machine breakdowns, extending filter life and reducing oil changes.

Clean oil and machine reliability

Perfectly clean oil is essential to keep your production machinery running smoothly. Unfortunately, all hydraulic and lubricating systems in production conditions are continually subject to contamination build-up. Contamination is the cause of 80% of all oil-related malfunctioning and breakdowns. Contaminants include solid particles, sludge, varnish and water.

How to get perfectly clean oil

Triple R bypass oil filters perform total oil purification. Our filter elements are designed to cleanse industrial oils, removing everything from solid particles to water, sludge, varnish and oxidation residues. Our products provide an all-in-one system. From water and oil separators to centrifuges and vacuum systems, our range of products means that Triple R can deal successfully with just about every machinery contamination issue.

Benefits for your industry

When using Triple R Filters, oil life is extended up to four times and component life as much as eight. Triple R’s unique 3 in 1 filter element technology provides superior fluid cleanliness while protecting your investments while boosting productivity. The benefits of Triple R products are significant: increased production, less down time, energy and cost savings and reduced environmental impact: Reduce, Reuse Recycle.

Due to our own in-house engineering Triple R apply the right system for the job, custom engineered together with our clients. For us, only the best result counts. For further enquiries, contact our Triple R team today.

For more information or to discuss your options, please contact our teams at Triple R Keysborough on (03) 7019 9351 or Morwell on (03) 5134 5345 or send us an online enquiry.

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