Triple R 3 in 1 Oil Filtration

Triple R Filtration Australia, supply unique 3 in 1 oil filtration and fluid cleaning products for a wide range of industries the Australia-Pacific region. We have a solution for almost every oil related application and are respected leading worldwide manufacturers of bypass and offline oil cleaning products. Triple R Filtration Australia, has invested in continuous research and application, developing a wide range of products to compliment oil cleaning systems. Our oil filters provide total cleaning of all industrial oil types, guaranteeing oil purity by removing solid particles, water, sludge, varnish, oxidation residues and more. Triple R Filtration Australia, are dedicated to bringing the best services and cost effective outcomes to a range of industries, while delivering socially responsible oil management solutions with high environmental and operational benefit.


Triple R Filtration Australia, delivers proven high benefit solutions to many large industry sectors in the Australia-Pacific region including:

  • Agricultural Machinery & Road Transportation;
  • Automotive & Special Production Machinery;
  • Aviation, Aerospace & Military;
  • Construction & Tunnelling Machinery;
  • Electric Power,
  • Diesel & Wind Turbine Generators;
  • Marine, Offshore & Container Handling;
  • Mining & Minerals Processing;
  • Paper, Pulp & Timber;
  • Petro Chemical;
  • Plastics, Presses & Extrusion Machinery;
  • Railway/Locomotive & Heavy Handling;
  • Steel & Primary Metals.

3 Stage Depth Filtration

Triple R’s unmatched concept of 3-Stage Depth Filtration for bypass and offline cleaning are at the forefront in saving industries considerable costs, while delivering higher reliability and sustainable oil management solutions. Triple R Filtration Australia, help industries to significantly save money by increasing production output, avoiding machine breakdowns, extending filter life and reducing oil changes. When using Triple R Filters, oil life is extended up to four times and component life as much as eight. We are committed to minimising the environmental impact of industries, by achieving clean production and following the conservation principles: Reduce, Reuse Recycle.


Triple R Filtration Australia, have an effective design and local manufacturing capability, allowing us to effectively compete against import reliant competitors, with more flexible solutions. With a qualified team of customer service representatives and engineers, we have a solution for every lubrication and oil application. From bypass and offline oil cleaning systems, to mobile rigs, water separators, oil separators, centrifuges, purifiers and air bubble removers. Triple R Filtration Australia, deliver environmentally sustainable filtration solutions, ensuring higher reliability and saving industries in the Australia-Pacific region considerable costs.

Triple R’s unique 3 in 1 filter element technology provides superior fluid cleanliness. Our oil cleaners and filtration products deliver efficient and economical solutions with GUARANTEED RESULTS. The benefits of Triple R products are significant: increased production, less down time, energy and cost savings and reduced environmental impact: Reduce, Reuse Recycle.

For more information or to discuss your options, please contact our teams at Triple R Keysborough on (03) 7019 9351 or Morwell on (03) 5134 5345 or send us an online enquiry.


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