Triple R is a supplier of oil filtration and cleaning products for Australia’s mining industry.

Triple R is renowned worldwide for its unequalled performance in extending oil life and delivering solutions for oil-related problems on mining machinery.

Mining equipment reliability is a major performance indicator in Australia’s increasingly competitive mining industry. Reducing equipment downtime is essential to improving productivity. Triple R filters not only extend oil life but also offer increased engine and equipment protection, extended service intervals, reduced downtime and increased operating efficiency.

Triple R understands that oil cleaning is not limited to removing solid particles, but also removing water, sludge and oil oxidation residues. Our products provide an all-in-one system. From water and oil separators to centrifuges and vacuum systems, our range of products means that Triple R can deal successfully with just about every mining machinery contamination issue.

Filtration of diesel fuel is also crucial to achieving operational savings and performance improvements in the mining industry. Components affected by dirty diesel are mechanical parts such as injection pumps and injectors. OEM filters will not remove all the contamination that affects the operation life of these components. Triple R diesel filtration will improve fuel economy, increase horsepower and reduce the engine pollution of diesel mining and transport equipment. Cleaner fuels mean a cleaner engine internally, which results in lower lifecycle costs.

Applications for the mining industry include hydraulic systems, oil transfer & cleaning systems, gearboxes, drill rigs, generators, diesel engines, diesel fuel conditioning, working fluids, oil recycling systems, oil management systems, biofuel conversion & protection, bearing lubrication, ball mills & crushers, thermal oil systems.

In Australia’s mining industry, saving resources while cutting costs is paramount. Triple R are proud to offer environmentally conscious filtration and separation technology. All our products are aimed at providing solutions that reflect the essentials: REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE. Our brand says it all – Triple R. Get in touch with either of our Victorian Sales, Engineering & Distribution Centres – Morewell (03) 5134 5345 or Keyborough (03) 7019 9351.

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